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Dunkel Design

Harvey Gümüş Kolye

Harvey Gümüş Kolye

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925 Ayar Gümüş Kolye..

NOT: Uzunluk 70cm..

Note: Our products are 100% handmade. There may be minor variations in the products. The natural stones we use are original and may vary in size and veins due to their nature.

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  • Production time

    We produce and ship your jewelry within 5 business days. Production by hand takes some time :) Thank you in advance for your patience. It will be worth your wait. Our products are 100% handmade. There may be minor variations in the products. The natural stones we use are original and may vary in size and veins due to their nature.

  • Usage Process

    It should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight, should be kept dry and should be worn after applying cosmetic products (perfume, deodorant, etc.). It should not be used in the sea, pool or during sports. Chlorine and similar chemicals cause jewelry to darken, change color, deteriorate and stones fall off. To prevent the jewelry from being scratched, its color changing, and the stones falling off, you should keep its contact with hard surfaces and metal objects to a minimum.

  • Repair Process

    We offer you indefinite repair service for all Dunkel Design designs purchased. Our after-sales services include professional jewelry sizing, cleaning, polishing and repair. You can contact our Dunkel Design workshop. Your product requiring maintenance will be evaluated in our workshop and the repair fee will be notified to you. If you accept the fee, the repair process will be started. Repairs are assessed on an individual basis and can take an average of 2 weeks to complete.

We skillfully process the special values ​​that have been the subject of legendary stories of different civilizations from the beginning of history to the present, with today's fashion sense. Inspired by mythological legends, ours is a long adventure stretching from the Sumerians to the Lydians, from the Ottomans to Rome and the Hellenistic period. What we want to keep alive is to reflect different civilizations to the present day and to be a bridge.
The process of designing a piece of jewelry doesn't necessarily start with drawing the piece or selecting the stone. Inspiration determines the direction your business takes. After this, a hot tempo begins.
The stalls light up and the magic of magnificent stones floats in the air. Amidst the serenity of a unique melody or an ancient language, new creations rise. This is a magical moment behind every precious piece of yours. The designer brings historical figures to life with his fingers for you.

Our process is quite arduous as each design is handcrafted and meticulously prepared by the artisan. The 925 sterling silver we use in our designs is of quality that you can use for a lifetime. We carefully select the natural stones we use for you. We select the ocean blue of the aquamarine stone, the Amazon forest green of the emerald, and similar special and precious stones that we use, and process them with the setting technique.

Each Dunkel Design piece is delivered in a special presentation box, worthy of its story and with the sealing technique that first entered human life approximately 10 thousand years ago, with the Neolithic period. Each product has a special story, and these stories are handwritten on Nepalese paper that we specially bring from the Himalayas. Nepalese paper is handcrafted and produced from laurel wood, which grows in the Himalayas at altitudes of approximately 2000 meters and higher. We create designs that reflect who you are and what you represent.

Construction Stage of Our Products