Dunkel Design has adopted an extraordinary and rule-free design style and designs products that are created by using various precious metals and stones together in an original way. Dunkel Design, which is completely handcrafted and therefore produces a limited number of models, has brought a different perspective to the jewelry & accessories industry. While presenting our founders' perspectives on design to our customers under the Dunkel Design brand since 2019, we have the happiness of presenting our designs to them first-hand. Our goal is to continue to take firm steps in the sector by increasing our competencies as well as providing better service to our customers day by day with our constantly developed sales and after-sales policies in line with 100% customer satisfaction.


Ours is a long adventure that extends from the Sumerians to the Lydians, from the Ottomans to the Romans and the Hellenistic period, with the inspiration we get from mythological legends. We have skillfully processed the Special Values ​​that are the Subject of the Legendary Stories of Different Civilizations from the First Century of Human History to the Present Day, with the Fashion Sense of Today. What we want to keep alive is to be able to reflect different civilizations to the present day and to be a bridge. The process of designing a piece of jewelry doesn't necessarily start with drawing the piece or choosing the stone.

Inspiration determines the direction your business takes. After this, a hot tempo begins. The stalls light up and the magic of magnificent stones floats in the air. New creations rise amidst the serenity of a unique melody or an ancient language. This is a magical moment behind every precious part of you. The designer brings historical figures to life with his fingers for you